UFG Capital was founded as part of UFG Wealth Management (in the Russian market since 2005) with its registered office in Cyprus.

Exceptionally well-qualified team

UFG Capital's team consists of experienced professionals with excellent reputation in their fields. We collaborate with leading global financial institutions and implement the latest international expertise.

International presence

Company offices in Cyprus and Luxembourg contribute to effective project execution across the world. We have professional experience in various jurisdictions and offer best-practice solutions accounting for legal and tax specifics.

Expertise in related areas and comprehensive approach

UFG Capital not only provides a comprehensive range of asset management services, but also helps to complete projects relating to investment structuring.

Focus on long-term collaboration

UFG Capital undertakes long-term obligations before clients and guarantees protection of their interests even after deal closing and completion of the consultancy services.
Florian Fenner
Chairman of the Board
Florian Fenner joined UFG Asset Management as the Managing Partner in July 2002. He is an experienced investment manager who has directed investments in Russian securities for over 16 years. Prior to joining UFG, from 2000 to 2002, he was the Head of the Unifund's Moscow office with responsibility for its Russia portfolio. From 1996, Mr. Fenner served as the Deputy Head of Research at Brunswick Brokerage, one of Russia's leading investment banks and, in 1997, he became a Russian equity Portfolio Manager for Brunswick Capital Management. Before joining Brunswick Brokerage, he worked as an investment banker for Schröder Münchmeyer Hengst Co. in their Frankfurt office. Mr. Fenner is a chartered financial analyst and holds a degree in banking from Industrie-und Handelskammer in Frankfurt-am-Main (1992-1994).
Oksana Kuchura
Managing Partner
Oksana Kuchura founded UFG Wealth Management in 2005, and is responsible for all client operations, with a particular focus on the development and execution of investment strategies and asset management. Ms. Kuchura began her career in finance in 1995 in Almaty (Kazakhstan) with a focus on trade operations with international investment companies at Regent European Securities and Global Kazkommerts Securities. In 2001, Ms. Kuchura moved to Russia and Troika Dialog Management Company, where she was responsible for international development and marketing. In 2002, she assumed the position of Director of Sales with UFG Asset Management, and was directly responsible for raising investment for the company's offshore funds, as well as working with foreign institutional investors. During her tenure with UFG Asset Management, the company's assets under management topped $1 billion. In 2005, Ms. Kuchura identified and responded to the growing need for astute and professional structuring and management of private client assets by founding a new core business, which today is UFG Wealth Management. Ms. Kuchura is a graduate of the Kazakh University of International Relations and World Languages.

The UFG Capital team is our main competitive advantage. We continuously strive to expand our competencies and develop our team by increasing employee qualifications and seeking new specialists who share our highest professional and ethical standards.

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