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UFG WM Real Estate S.à.r.l. is a Luxembourg-regulated management company, incorporated under the laws of the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg in the form of a private limited company (Société à Responsabilité Limitée) and registered with the Luxembourg Trade and Companies Register under the number B 177.276.
UFG WM Real Estate S.à.r.l. was authorized on 25 November 2013, by the supervisory authority for the financial sector, the Commission de Surveillance du Secteur Financier ("CSSF"), to act as a management company pursuant to Chapter 16 of the Luxembourg law of 17 December 2010 on undertakings for collective investments. In 2017 UFG WM Real Estate S.a.r.l. was authorized by CSSF as Alternative Investment Fund Manager.

UFG WM Real Estate S.à.r.l. provides institutional investors and investment managers with a comprehensive range of fund management and administrative services in relation to Luxembourg Alternative Investment Fund ("AIF") vehicles such as Specialized Investment Funds ("SIF").

UFG WM Real Estate S.à.r.l. specializes in pan-European real estate investments (office buildings, shopping centers, hospitality) structured through Luxembourg investment fund vehicles. Its track record includes transactions totaling over 300 million euros worth of assets on behalf of private investors, as well as prominent foreign investors. The management team is composed of well-qualified professionals with extensive experience in real estate investment markets located both in Europe and worldwide, and is supported by experienced conducting officers.

Active since 2013, UFG WM Real Estate S.à.r.l. currently oversees three specialized investment funds:

  • UFG RUSSIAN COMMERCIAL REAL ESTATE FUND I S.A., SICAV-SIF, dedicated to commercial real estate investments in the Russian Federation;
  • UFG GLOBAL COMMERCIAL & HOSPITALITY REAL ESTATE FUND I S.A., SICAV-SIF, dedicated to hospitality investments in Europe and the Russian Federation;
  • UFG GLOBAL COMMERCIAL REAL ESTATE FUND I S.A., SICAV-SIF, dedicated to commercial real estate investments in Europe.


Management company registered in accordance with
the laws of Luxembourg

Management Company

UFG WM Real Estate S.à.r.l. provides well-informed investors with a comprehensive range of investment fund management services, including portfolio and risk management, administration and marketing, with a well-deserved reputation as the ideal partner for turnkey solutions supporting onshore and offshore distribution.

Undoubtedly, the company's greatest strength is its complete, well-qualified team of managers and conducting officers, dedicated to the overall management of the specialized investment funds. The services include investment management (portfolio and risk management), distribution and marketing, liquidity management, and compliance with the Luxembourg regulations.

UFG WM Real Estate S.à.r.l. delegates ancillary functions, such as central administration and transfer agency, to prime service providers, striking the optimal balance of cost efficiency and high-end quality of services. We focus on strict supervision of such delegated functions, carrying out stringent due diligence on each service provider, so as to ensure compliance and achievement of the key performance indicators.

Asset Acquisition and Disposition

Our services encompass each stage of the transaction process, be it on the buy side or the sell side: from property sourcing and market screening, investment and market analysis, underwriting and due diligence execution, to assistance in securing equity and debt, property repositioning, and investment disposals.

UFG WM Real Estate S.à.r.l. provides the services of a comprehensive team of highly qualified real estate, financial, technical, and tax professionals, dedicated to managing transaction processes from end to end, thus maximizing our clients' return on investment while minimizing transaction risks.

The essence of our values enables us to provide clients with a far-reaching network in order to identify exclusive off-market deals and marketing of the transaction to potential equity partners on a confidential basis.

Asset Management

We ensure close attention to detail while implementing core and value-added strategies throughout our operations: from designing return-maximizing asset strategies, managing tenant relationships, supervising technical works, managing partnerships with local property managers and third parties, negotiating effective bank financing, and delivering comprehensive asset reports.

UFG WM Real Estate S.à.r.l. is fully equipped with an experienced, multi-functional, in-house asset management team dedicated to actively managing real estate investments according to investors' expectations and investment strategies.

We focus on prudent management of assets. Serving the best interests of our clients, we seek to build longstanding partnerships with well-informed investors by offering tailored strategies matching risk / return profiles with real estate asset potential.

Understanding the specificity of each asset, we are able to maintain a high level of flexibility and customize our services, creating value by repositioning and improving assets, while seeking to exploit potential market recovery.

Corporate Governance

UFG WM Real Estate S.à.r.l. provides a comprehensive range of risk management solutions and investment compliance services, stringently adhering to investment policies and legal regulations. Our effective and efficient internal organization allows us to clearly identify, measure, and mitigate potential risks to which the funds may be exposed.


UFG WM Real Estate S.à.r.l. has the investment objective of providing an optimal rate of return with controlled risk and achieving long-term capital growth from investment through the Sub-Funds.
UFG WM Real Estate S.a.r.l intends to achieve its investment objective by making direct or indirect investments in real estate markets located predominantly in the Russian Federation and Western Europe. Further details on the investment strategy of each Sub-Fund are individually set out in the relevant Appendix in Part II of the Offering Memorandums of the respective SIFs.

UFG WM Real Estate S.a.r.l pursues a core investment strategy providing exposure to a sectorally and geographically diversified portfolio of stable and income-producing properties, generally located in primary and secondary markets, with high-quality tenancies and strong occupancy rates. The company achieves this objective by investing in both direct and unlisted properties, including residential and commercial real estate, as well as a broad range of real estate investment vehicles, such as limited partnerships, real estate investment companies, funds. Moreover, continual diversification is achieved through the prudent acquisition of investment-grade properties, as well as identification of turnaround opportunities in emerging locations with asset prices well below replacement cost. At the same time, a conservative debt profile is ensured through stable cash flows sufficient to fund distributions, as well as staggering of debt maturities to mitigate interest rate risk and refinancing needs.

The Funds under management are focused on primary- and secondary-market transactions that generally require equity commitments of up to 60 million euros.

The Funds' objective is to generate stable, prudent, and risk-controlled returns through a diversified portfolio of acquisitions.


Active since 2013, UFG WM Real Estate S.à r.l. currently oversees
three specialized investment funds:
Fund StatusActive
Fund SizeUSD 55 Mio (as of 4Q2017)
Inception DateOctober 2013
Investment Period2 years
Term10 years
StrategyStrategy Core investments in commercial real estate assets located in the Russian Federation and primarily in Moscow
Fund StatusActive
Fund SizeEUR 32 Mio (as of 4Q2017)
Inception DateApril 2014
Investment Period2 years
Term10 years
StrategyInvestments in established city hotels in major cities operated by well-reputed hotel managers under prestigious franchises in Western Europe and the Russian Federation
Fund StatusActive
Fund SizeEUR 57 Mio (as of 4Q2017)
Inception DateJune 2014
Investment Period2 years
Term10 years
StrategyCore investments in commercial real estate assets located in Western Europe



Dmitry Klenov

Dmitry Klenov is one of the leading fiduciary specialists in Russia, with outstanding experience and knowledge of both Russian and international estate planning, trust, tax efficiency, and migration regulation. Mr. Klenov is also one of Russian's leading legal specialists in the construction, property management and real estate sectors, with more than a decade of senior executive experience with leading Russian companies. Dmitry Klenov joined UFG Wealth Management in 2006, and today heads the company's legal team. Mr. Klenov is responsible for capital structuring, succession planning, client tax and migration services, as well as providing legal support for Mergers & Acquisitions. He provides consultation on sea-going vessel and aircraft acquisition, real estate acquisition, and the financing, leasing, and management of both private and commercial real estate. Mr. Klenov graduated from the Moscow State Institute for Foreign Relations (MGIMO) specializing in International and European Union Law.

Paul de Quant

Independent Director
Paul de Quant, a Dutch national, has had an extensive career in alternative investments and financial markets, including running a successful funds of hedge funds business. Mr. de Quant earned a Bachelor degree in Law in Amsterdam and studied International Relations and History at the Graduate Institute of International and Development Studies in Geneva. Mr. de Quant started his career with Chase Manhattan, where he underwent intensive training in accounting, credit, and corporate finance. From there, he moved into equity and equity derivatives with the Yamaichi Group and subsequently became head of Asian equities for the ANZ Merchant Bank in London. In 1991, Paul co-founded a securities business in Amsterdam and Hong Kong, where he was based until 1998. Paul went on to co-establish and manage Monaco-based Alpha Investment Management, with a focus on funds of hedge funds. He was in charge of relations with regulatory authorities, the structuring and governance of investment vehicles domiciled in a number of locations worldwide, and the creation, in collaboration with leading investment banks, of financial derivative products linked to fund portfolios. Paul is currently a Partner in The Directors' Office and MDO Management Company in Luxembourg and serves as an Independent Director and Liquidator in a number of investment funds and companies. Paul is a Dutch national and law graduate.
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