Sergei Grechkin Became Member of CIFA’s Ethics and Risk Management Committee

We are pleased to announce Sergei Grechkin, our Chief Risk Officer, has been accepted as a member of the Ethics and Risk Management Committee at CIFA.

Cyprus Investment Funds Association (CIFA) is comprised of highly reputable industry professionals experienced in all aspects of the financial industry, including fund management, administration, advisory, banking, audit and legal. The association is dedicated to building a strong investment funds sector in Cyprus, attractive for international players.

Being a Cyprus-based AIFM that provides private and institutional capital management services through investment funds, we at UFG Capital pay full attention to all possible risks, especially in the current global economic and political environment. CIFA’s membership is an acknowledgement that our risk management governance meets the highest standards in the investment industry.
The presence of a recognized team of professionals is what allows us to provide the best asset management services in a complex investment landscape, including equities, real estate, cryptocurrency portfolios, and more.
“I am grateful for the opportunity to have become a member of CIFA’s Ethics and Risk Management Committee. It is a well-known organisation dedicated to promoting quality and integrity in the Cyprus investment fund industry. 
Risk management has always been a requirement for investment strategies in AIFMs. At UFG Capital we strive to take maximum care of our clients’ interests and help them avoid unnecessary risks. Being recognised by the Association is indicative of our company’s status as a high-quality asset management service provider,” – states Sergei Grechkin. 

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